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Herbert holds a Master of Science Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Herbert has over 20 years’ experience in environmental management planning, training, research and advocacy. He has worked for various local and international organisations including serving as the African Regional Facilitator for the Southern Voices on Climate Change, a coalition of climate policy networks in the global south. Herbert is the Executive Director at CEPA, responsible for steering the strategic direction and institutional development of the organisation. This includes shaping organisational objectives, leading in programme development, communicating policy positions, human capital development, resource mobilisation and financial accountability. Herbert is committed to addressing systemic governance failures that drive environmental change. To this end, he strives to influence individual and collective values to catalyse positive actions towards sustainable pathways to development.


McDell is a dedicated and result-oriented Finance and Administration Manager with a proven track record of driving CEPA’s financial sustainability and operational excellence. Throughout the 18 years he has been with the organisation, McDell has demonstrated a strong commitment to sound financial stewardship and organisational efficiency. McDell oversees the financial health of CEPA while ensuring seamless administrative operations. McDell believes in fostering a culture of accountability, collaboration, and innovation within the organisation. McDell holds a Degree in Applied Accounting, Auditing, and Information Systems. McDell is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI).McDell holds a Degree in Applied Accounting-Audit and Information Systems from Malawi College of Accountancy. He is an innate leader with a profound enthusiasm for understanding partners’ needs and subsequently creating value adding impact. He has strong analytical skills coupled with ability to recognise and comprehend complex issues and to promptly deflate them into simple manageable concerns. He has extensive experience managing financial resources for programmes and projects under different donors throughout his career. In addition, McDell has led in the development of a number of policies for CEPA.


Alfred holds a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences, and a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture obtained from the University of Malawi. He has over 18 years’ work experience in food systems and environmental management policy advocacy, training and research. Alfred has previously worked with CARE Malawi and Civil Society Agriculture Network including as a Visiting Research Fellow with Chatham House, a global policy think tank based in London. Alfred joined CEPA in 2020 and is presently the Programmes Manager, responsible for steering CEPA programmes to achieve the institutional strategic plan. Alfred shares the vision of a just and equitable society that promotes sustainable development and a shared prosperous future for all.


Ellen holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the Catholic University of Malawi, with a focus on vulnerability, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction, emphasising gender sensitivity. She also possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology with a focus in human societies and cultures, focusing on understanding the diversity of social behaviours, beliefs, and practices through research, fieldwork, and analysis.  She has over 7 years of professional experience; Ellen has demonstrated expertise in key areas, including Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Aid, Climate Adaptation, Policy Advocacy and Analysis, Child Rights and Protection, Sustainable Livelihoods and International Development and Governance. Currently, Ellen serves as a Programme Officer (Biodiversity) at the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA), where she plays a pivotal role in strategizing, planning, and implementing biodiversity project activities. She provides valuable policy advocacy technical support to CEPA implementing partners and mobilises civil society organisations to engage in policy processes concerning agrobiodiversity conservation. Additionally, Ellen is the National Coordinator for the Malawi Agrobiodiversity Network and Publish What You Pay and facilitates civil society engagement with policy and decision-makers in agrobiodiversity and extractives sectors. She is passionate about civic engagement and participation for meaningful democratic processes, aiming to contribute to the development of Malawi and the African Continent. She excels in multicultural and diverse environments, supporting and advancing international development and governance efforts.


Charles holds an Advanced Diploma in Social Science (Community Development) and is currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science (Community Development) with The Catholic University of Malawi. He has over eleven years of professional experience in Environmental Management, Policy Advocacy, Community Development and Coaching. At CEPA Charles is a Programmes Officer under Natural Resources Management and is well versed in Environmental Management and Innovation with passion in Community Capacity Building. He has diversity and understanding of the environmental management sector and strives to facilitate community led sustainable environmental management through community skills and capacity development.  Having grown through CEPA’s rank’s, he has successfully implemented more than five projects with CEPA, since joining contributing to CEPA’s growing reputation as a leading Environmental Advocacy Institution in Malawi. He believes in visible transformation of mindset resulting into action as a catalyst for sustainable change and development.


Andrea holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador as well as a Master Degree in Management in Non-profit Organisations with focus on International Cooperation and Climate Change from the University  of Applied Sciences Osnabrück in Germany. Andrea has over 7 years of professional experience as an International Development Worker. Her key working areas are Climate Policy, Climate and Disaster Risk Management, Gender and Intersectionality, Networking and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) with Impact Orientation. Andrea's role at CEPA is to enhance Institutional Development and to grow CEPA's visibility at national and international level, as part of the Cooperation between CEPA and its partner Brot für die Welt from Germany. Andrea is led by curiosity, adaptability and positive mindfulness. Her work's geography spreads out around Africa, Europe and Latin America. She has been an Environmental Activist since 2010, being especially interested in spreading the word about the challenges of Extractives Industries for environmental and social welfare, focusing on the Global Environmental Yasuní-ITT Initiative and #FossilFuelTreaty.


John holds a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree from ExploitsUniversity and is currently pursuing Executive Masters in Business Administration with Malawi College of Accountancy. He has over 10 year’s work experience in the NGO Sector. He has gained vast knowledge and experience in Finance accounting, Finance management, Grants Management and Credit Control Management. He is an intrinsic leader, Innovative strategic planner and analytical thinker in Finance and Administration. At CEPA John is the Senior Finance Officer. He has Excellent team worker and promotes innovation and learning.


Yewo is an experienced development practitioner with a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from University of Livingstonia in Malawi. An accomplished professional with competency in Project Management, Research and Youth leadership. She has over 6 years work experience in advocacy, governance, meaningful youth engagement and participation. Yewo currently works as a project officer for CEPA under natural resources pillar. She possesses a great blend of remarkable skills such as communication, capacity building and leadership.


Haswell holds a Diploma in Land Administration and Natural Resources. He is an advocate of land reforms and implementation of land policies in Malawi for inclusive and progressive land governance. He has technical skills in GIS and Remote Sensing for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to the earth’s surface.


Lorraine holds a Higher Diploma in Human Resources. She is an accomplished, self-assured, and professional Administrative Assistant with extensive experience assisting all staff, Management and Board members with consistent clerical support. A friendly, approachable person with a positive attitude and a desire to make a difference. At CEPA, Lorraine is the heart of all processes. Her positive energy in the workplace inspires others to achieve teamwork.


Patrick is an ACCA qualified Certified Public Accountant. He has more than 18 years working experience in financial and management accounting, administration and external auditing. Patrick is a Finance Officer at CEPA. He is a skilled and experienced accounting professional with Strong understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. He has a comprehensive knowledge of grant management and complex financial reporting skills. He believes in financial prudence in order to achieve long-term financial stability and security.


Cliff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Sciences from the Malawi University of Science and Technology. He has experience in implementing extractive sector projects as well as in communication. Cliff contributes to enhancing CEPA’s communication and visibility and uses his creative writing skills to raise awareness on sustainable environmental management. He is interested in advocating for mineral resource governance that is open, transparent and inclusive. Cliff believes that a country’s natural resources belong to its citizens, as such, citizens including the future generations should benefit from them.


Zeless Chibwe holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) and a professional Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning certificate. She has over 5 years of professional experience in project monitoring and evaluation systems and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Zeless is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at CEPA responsible for leading in setting up and implementation of institutional and projects’ M&E systems. She believes in Results Based Project Management as a promising approach to impactful projects’ interventions.


Peter Sandula holds a Master of Science in Energy Policy from Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences, Algeria. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Renewable Energy Technology from Mzuzu University, Malawi. He has over 5 years of experience in the areas of research, rural electrification, policy formulation and interpretation, and renewable energy systems design, installation, repair, and maintenance. Peter works as an advocacy and campaigns program officer for CEPA. He has good technical expertise in the energy field, facilitation, coordination, research, and communication skills. He is passionate about promoting electricity access to remote and peri-urban areas.


Chipiliro Miyanga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, currently doing her Masters Degree in Innovation at the Malawi University of Science and Technology. Chipiliro has over 3 years professional experience in forestry and environmental management, communications, research, project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. She has worked with for various local and international organisations. Her role as CEPA is to support the operationalisation of the Communications Strategy.


Orama is an accomplished environmental professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies from the Catholic University of Malawi. With a passion for preserving and managing natural resources, Orama has gained over 2 years of valuable experience in the field of environmental and natural resources management. At CEPA, he is gaining professional experience as an intern focussing on Resource Mobilisation.


Asele is a dedicated, hard-working and gentle assistant. His role at CEPA is to take care of the maintenance and hygiene in the offices. Asele is always willing to support any administrative tasks.


Dali holds a Malawi School Certificate of Education, Business Administration Certificate (Communication & Planning), Defensive driving certificate class C1-PG drivers license. He is a hard working, innovative and result oriented person with over 10 yrs driving experience, exceptional driving skills. He takes care of CEPA's property.


Pato holds the Malawi School Certificate of Education, the Defensive Driving Certificate and CE&PGD driver's license. Pato's role is to ensure proper day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicles through timely minor repairs, timely change of oil, check of tires, brakes and car washing. Furthermore, Pato ensures availability of all documents including: vehicle insurance, log books and necessary spare parts. Pato timely reports breakdowns/accidents. He is always ready to assist with duties assigned from the administrative department.


Sharon holds the Malawi School Certificate of Education, Cisco Networking Certificate, defensive driving certificate and CE&PGD driver's license. He is a hard working, trustworthy, experienced and gentle person. Sharon has worked as a driver for a number of institutions for the past sixteen years. His role at CEPA is driving CEPA officials on approved trips and ensuring safety features and tools of the vehicle are available and in good working order.


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