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Audio NNC Migodi 29 February 2016
A program on mining activities in Malawi
Audio NNC Migodi Mwabulabo 30 March 2015
A program on mining activities in Malawi
File A Review of the Land Bills 2013
An analysis of the drafting issues within and between the land bills as well as between the land bills and related legislation touching on land matters such as ...
File An Outline of Select Mining Policy and Legislation Frameworks from East and Southern Africa
An outline of key provisions from mining policy and legislation from some selected countries
File An Overview of Communal Land Tenure in Namibia - Unlocking its Economic Potential
An overview of the provision of secure tenure over commonage land rights
File Assessing the Impact of Customary Land Rights Registration on Credit Access by Farmers in Tanzania - A Case Study on Mbozi District
An assessing of how far and to what extent rural land tilting conducted by customary land administration system has managed to promote poor farmers in ...
File Assessment of Mining Policy Implementation in Malawi
A presentation of the findings of the study on mining governance that is aimed at assessing the extent to which ongoing mining activities comply with the ...
File Assessment of Policy Implementation of Relocation Programmes - A Case of Nacala Railway Project
Assessing the implementation of the relocation policy of the Nacala Railway project. The study focused on Mwanza and Neno
File CEPA reports Substantial Progress in Mining Governance Project
An article on the progress that CEPA has made in strengthening mining governance
File CEPA Spearheads Oversight Role on Mining Sector
An article on CEPAs oversight role in the mining sector
File CEPA Strategic Plan 2011-2015
A guiding document on the framework for strengthening the governance and management structure and programme focus areas for Centre for Environmental Policy and ...
File CEPA Strategic Plan 2016-2020
A guiding document on the framework for strengthening the governance and management structure and programme focus areas for Centre for Environmental Policy and ...
File Civil Society Engagement in Environmental Policy Processes Project Baseline Report
A report on a baseline study conducted for the CSEEPP Project
File Climate Smart Agriculture Policy Review
A review of policies and strategies related to climate smart agriculture
File Conversions of Customary Lands to Leasehold Titles - Zambia
This brief analyses the conversion process and its impact on rural communities, and discusses proposed solutions for securing customary land rights in Zambia.
File DF Lead Farmer Extension and Training Guide on Sustainable Agriculture
The guide contains technical information, and takes into consideration lessons learnt from field experiences. It incorporates step-by-step construction ...
File Effects of Land Tenure and Property Rights on Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia, Namibia and Bangladesh
A discussion on the issues related to land tenure system, land rights, agricultural productivity and the effects of climate change. The paper presents an ...
File Elements for a Mines and Minerals Development Bill
This short brief outlines some of the key issues that have been highlighted and some recommendations that may be considered to improve the draft bill.
File FAO Land Tenure Studies 6 - The design of land consolidation pilot projects in Central and Eastern Europe
This study provides advice on what countries could do to start a land consolidation pilot project. The guide is based on work undertaken by the Land Tenure ...
File FAO Land Tenure Studies 8 - Access to rural land and land administration after violent conflicts
This volume supports land tenure and land administration specialists who participate in the recreation of land tenure and its administration in countries ...
File FAO Land Tenure Studies 9 - Good governance in land tenure and administration
This volume supports land tenure and land administration professionals and their partners who are committed to improving governance in a land ...
File Grabbing land in Malawi
This brief explores the role that grabbing of land in Malawi plays contributing to the distribution of land in Malawi. It focuses on various forms of ...
File Handling land- Innovative Tools for Land Governance and Secure Tenure
The book features land tools developed by the Global Land Tool Network which offer practical ways to solve problems in land administration and management. ...
File Implications of Nacala Corridor Project to Communities
A case study on the implications of Nacala Project to communities
File Improving Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh
The report discusses regulations on land use, transfers, acquisition and settlement, various aspects of land administration and management in Bangladesh
File Improving Land Sector Governance in Malawi - Implementation of the Land Governance Assessment Framework
This report assesses the status of Land governance in Malawi using the Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)
File Land Administration for Sustainable Development
The book explains how land administration systems have evolved from linking cadastral land records to demonstrating their inherent power for sharing spatial ...
File Land and Agrarian Reform- Historical Background and Challenges
A brief history of how we have come to have the policies and laws that govern land ownership in Malawi
File Land Tenure Systems and their Impacts on Food Security and Sustainable Development in Africa
This paper develops an analytic perspective of the linkages between land tenure, food security and sustainable development in the African context
File Malawi Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MWEITI) Scoping Study
A scoping study commissioned by the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) of the Malawi Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MWEITI) to prepare the MSG’s ...
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